How to Obtain a Flat Stomach ~ Bye to Fat Belly


Almost everyone wants it, men and women, such a nice tight flat stomach! Especially now that summer weather is good and we want to look for the beach. Such a flat stomach is possible for everyone, not only will it be easy, you will have to work hard. A beautiful belly you can not get just by doing abdominal exercises, you will first have to burn calories a lot of the fat layer to remove them. Also you should of course ensure that you gain fewer calories than the calories you burn in one day, but we anticipate things, here are four tips that will help you to that perfect flat stomach! Read more about the tips for a flat stomach.


Tip 1: Increase your metabolism level A higher level means that your metabolism throughout the day, 24 hours long, and more calories burned. The best way is interval training. This means that a short time at full power at the gym and then a short time at a low level and this change you. A schedule that you can hold in one interval training.

  • Warm up from 2 to 5 minutes
  • 30 seconds at the top of your training
  • 1 minute at a lower level of training to recover
  • Repeat this about 6 to 10 times
  • Cool down for about 5 minutes




Tip 2: Do strength training Get a flat belly not just sit ups and crunches do this because you do not burn enough calories to fat from the stomach to get. But this does not mean you do not need to train! As you lose more fat on your belly you get better the abdominal muscles on your belly to see. Make sure you effectively train your abs! The primary function of the abdominal muscle is pulling the torso forward, but there are also muscles for the rotation of the torso, make sure you train both muscles. So, train up to three times a week the muscles and give them at least one day rest after each workout!




Tip 3: Ensure a stable blood sugar level Maybe this is the key to getting a flat stomach, a good blood sugar level. Your body burns fat all day long, you would therefore also ensure that your body fed throughout the day, and not just 2x a day and then very much. Of course you must make sure the meal is healthy and good nutrients think of vegetables, fruit, whole wheat, grains, berries, nuts, etc. A healthy diet is important, but let’s not obsession, calories are in fact always Just calories!




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