How to cleanse your body system of toxins and get rid of any ailment or disease you suffer from

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Learn about Children Diabetes – Type 1 Diabetes



Various children and youngsters experience Type 1 diabetes, which is basically the non-functioning of the pancreas. The disability of this glandular to produce insulin causes the lack of compression of blood glucose and sugar in the blood and getting converted into energy, brings about diabetes in children.

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5 Tips in Operating a Successful Medical Clinic

The dream is to turn one’s practice into profit, but it’s not always as easy as it seems. Physicians today are nose-to-nose with far more challenges in medical entrepreneurship than ever — from balancing revenues to dealing with competition. This may be one of the reasons why many medical practitioners are hesitant in turning their practice into a small business. Oftentimes, it may also be because of the thinking that medicine is not a business but a practice.

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Healthy lifestyle can reduce breast cancer risk even in women who are genetically predisposed

Adopting a healthy lifestyle can significantly slash the risk of developing breast cancer in women who carry common gene variants linked to breast cancer, a new study published in JAMA Oncology suggests. The discovery marks a significant shift in the cancer conversations and prevention strategies to help women reduce their odds of developing breast cancer. Continue reading “Healthy lifestyle can reduce breast cancer risk even in women who are genetically predisposed”

Eating red onions may help to fight cancer

Powerful compounds found in the tasty vegetable are ‘excellent’ in destroying tumours

Red onions, often used in Mediterranean cuisine, are full of powerful compounds but any type of onion may help – regardless of its colour.

Eating red onions may help to fight cancer, new research suggests.

The tasty vegetable, commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine, is full of powerful compounds that help to kill tumours.

One type known as anthocyanins, which are responsible for its dark colouring, are believed in inhibit the spread of the disease.

While a flavonoid called quercetin has the same effects by shrinking the size of cancerous masses, experts say.

But any type of onion, regardless of its colour, may help to destroy cancer, Canadian scientists claim.

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